We provide design and certification services to OEM’s, MRO Facilities, and Operators who would like to obtain approval for a modification, repair, or replacement part. We have developed an exceptional working relationship with Transport Canada Civil Aviation and several FAA DER’s so that we are able to offer this service. The following outlines the types of certification services available:

Structural modification design and certification leading to the issuance of an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) or an LSTC (Limited Supplemental Type Certificate), or for US based clients, STC, One-off STC, or 8110-3 sign-off.

Structural repair design and certification leading to the issuance of an RDC (Repair Design Certificate) or a Process RDC, or for US clients, 8110-3 sign-off.

Aircraft/rotorcraft replacement part design and certification leading to the issuance of a PDA (Parts Design Approval), which are identical to FAA PMA approvals.

Transport Canada Design Approval Representative (DAR) on staff.


Although aircraft/rotorcraft interiors are seemingly simple, using the proper flame resistant materials, having correct placard placement and seat arrangement, identifying head strike regions to ensure passenger safety, ensuring cabin stowage areas and monuments meet the regulator requirements, and designing the installation of cabin entertainment and communication systems as well as other passenger convenience items can be a daunting task. The following is a list of the aircraft interior design capabilities that we offer to OEM’s, MRO Facilities and Operators:

Cabin monument design and certification (Galleys, cabinets, tables, etc.).

LOPA (cabin layout) arrangement design and certification (including seating arrangements, placard layouts, placard designs).

Interior sidewall and headliner design and certification.

Cabin Entertainment/Communication/Convenience Installation design and certification.


Continued airworthiness is an ongoing necessity for aircraft operators and commercial airlines. We offer the following technical services to Commercial Airlines, Charter Airlines, Corporate Aircraft Operators, and Fractional Ownership Operators:

Advise on upcoming Transport Canada and FAA mandatory modifications (e.g. upgraded ELT installations) including implementation action plans.

Modification review of aircraft entering fleet for importation purposes.

On going design and certification consultancy.

Existing aircraft cabin safety analysis, including placard arrangement and location, head strike zone identification, passenger egress issues, etc., including periodic safety review of cabin interior to ensure continued airworthiness and safety to as to aid with SMS requirements.


Structural stress analysis;

Conceptual design and R&D;

Sheet metal design;

Machine component design;

Part and maintenance manual creation.

Interior monument design and analysis, e.g. Galley’s, cabinets, etc.

Repair design capabilities, including composite repair design.


2-D and 3-D solid modeling capabilities;

Detailed drawings/blue prints;

Sheet metal layout drawing;

Machine component drawings;

Aircraft interior general arrangement drawings.


Instructions for Continued Airworthiness & Maintenance Manual Supplements;

Process Specification Document;

Certification Plan Creation;

Changed Product Rule Assessment;

Test Plan Creation.